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Can you afford NOT to control your office computers?

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Employee access to the Internet continues to introduce new dangers and content that can severely and negatively impact your organization. By implementing an effective web-filtering solution with solid information technology and security procedures, you can control, monitor and enforce your company’s web policies.

Avoid malicious sites and inappropriate content. Employees who dabble online are more prone to viruses and hackers. Malicious content can easily enter your network through web-based e-mail, file downloads, instant messaging, P2P applications and other non-work-related sites.

Protect your company’s brand and image. Inappropriate use of internet resources can expose organizations to legal liability when employees engage in illegal or inappropriate activities. A web filtering solution will help guard against inappropriate content from entering the network.

Prevent productivity loss. The Internet is a great resource for all businesses, but it also represents a large opportunity for lost employee productivity. Controlling access to non-work-related web sites and applications during work hours will help prevent productivity loss.

ZyEdge leverages the best available technology to provide a comprehensive and flexible managed content filtering. Our solution accesses a continually updated database of millions of web sites to allow for granular, simple and effective web filtering. To implement a web filtering solution today, give us a call at (703) 860-1111.

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