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The Many Faces of The Cloud

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To many people, clouds are just clouds – but in reality, there are lots of different kinds of clouds. You have nimbus clouds, cirrus clouds and stratus clouds – and that’s not even half of them. Just like with physical clouds, there are many types of clouds that can be found in “the cloud.” Here are some of the common types of “cloud solutions” that are out there.

The first type is SaaS – Software as a Service. Putting it simply, this type of cloud is where, rather than buying software from a service provider, you rent the software. It is the most popular type of cloud because of its many benefits, including less maintenance and high flexibility. Because a server hosts both the application and the data, consumers can use the service from anywhere. SaaS is also referred to as “software on demand.” Two popular examples of SaaS are Yahoo Mail and Google Docs.

The second type is PaaS – Platform as a Service. In general, the industry is moving towards the PaaS type of cloud. It creates a development platform, allowing developers to create, launch, host and maintain applications all in the same place. A benefit of PaaS is that users only pay for what they use. There are four types of PaaS – business application platforms, raw compute platforms, social application platforms and web application platforms. Facebook is a great example of this – it allows third parties to write new applications that can be made available to users.

Lastly, there is IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, also known as HaaS (Hardware as a Service). In this type of cloud, a company’s computing infrastructure is completely outsourced. Just like with PaaS, IaaS clouds will only charge consumers for what they use. Because the user can buy infrastructure according to their needs, this is a great option for smaller businesses. These businesses have the ability to scale their infrastructure to their exact specifications. Google is a great example of a company that provides infrastructure services.

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