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Are You Using Two-Factor Authentication?

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We’ve seen it a million times: someone knocks on the door to some “secret” place, only to be asked to give a password. Usually, it ends up being something glaringly obvious and they are granted access. While this concept of “easy access” passwords has been overplayed far too many times in movies, it does highlight the need to re-think how you grant access to important places and information. How can you add another layer of security? Through two-factor authentication!

Two-factor authentication involves going beyond the traditional one step authentication – a username/password combo – and adds an additional step to the mix. This additional authentication can come in the form of biometrics (fingerprint scanner) or a specialized code sent only to you. Why should you care about two-step authentication? It provides you with added security! With passwords becoming increasingly weaker every day, you need to have an additional line of defense for your data and other valuable information. Two- factor authentication can provide this you. Interested in pursuing two-step authentication for your business? ZyEdge has solutions for you!

Here at ZyEdge, we understand how important maintaining your business’ security is. With managed security services, we have the answer to your business’ security needs. Don’t want to have to worry about your IT? Let us help! Our services can ensure that your IT is one less thing you have to worry about. No matter the size of your business, let us help you! Contact us today to see what we can do!

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