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network intrustion detectionA properly managed application layer security device can stop even the most persistent threats. ZyEdge’s advanced Managed Intrusion Prevention solutions are fine-tuned to detect, block, and log malicious threats and unauthorized access to your critical resources.

Save yourself the time, money and frustration with ZyEdge’s Managed Intrusion Prevention service. Our certified, expert engineers will help reduce your security incident, infrastructure and IT personnel costs while increasing your overall security.

Service overview:

  • The system operates under a simple, powerful principle: attacks are preceded by reconnaissance of the network by an attacker
  • Our technology automatically neutralizes any resulting attacks before they reach your network
  • We identify and optionally block both known and unknown attacks, guaranteeing false-positive-free threat prevention
  • It requires neither signature updates nor manual intervention, providing a maximum level of perimeter protection with minimal cost of prevention.


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