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Zyedge is a leading provider of managed information technology (IT) and cyber security services. Our team adds tremendous value to dozens of businesses and organizations today with our secure, reliable, high-performing and cost-effective solutions. Since 2001, our mission has been to support the success of our client companies by offering IT alternatives that are comprehensive, secure, reliable, personalized and a great value. Zyedge offerings provide businesses with freedom from managing IT, allowing them to focus on their core competency and grow their business. With enterprise-class IT resources, including teams of certified IT experts, deep relationships with leading technology vendors, such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and Amazon, and proven processes and procedures, zyedge has the capabilities to help ensure the success of your organization in the face of increasingly complex IT challenges.

We have assembled a premier team of cyber security, network engineering and IT systems support talent that serves our customer base in the design and implementation of fast, secure and reliable networked IT systems. Our trained and certified engineers can help at LAN-, MAN- or WAN-scale, with secure VPN solutions, perimeter security systems, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, traffic analysis and packet inspection, network load balancing, and more. Our engineers can assess your current network systems, recommend best practices, and help you build a network infrastructure that meets or exceeds your performance and cyber security needs. Our close partnerships with leading network technology vendors, such as Cisco, allows engineers to have significant reach-back into the engineering and support engines of the technology vendors that are leading and shaping the industry.

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