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Cloud Services

Managing the Multifaceted Cloud

Cloud computing represents a massive change away from monolithic, single-purpose platforms towards flexible and scalable virtual environments. This shift began with servers but is quickly extending to the client, application, network and storage. As this transition continues to gain momentum, IT plans must be changed in the context of this new paradigm.

Zyedge Cloud Services include:

  • Cloud Infrastructure as a Service
  • Cloud Migration and Support Services
  • Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

While cloud computing is easier to maintain once deployed, it is a complex architecture, incorporating not only servers, but the storage, backup, security, network and disaster recovery environments. This complexity demands significant planning and the right partner for proper execution. Zyedge is the right choice. Zyedge maintains partnerships with key technology leaders such as Microsoft, Amazon and VMware, among many others. Our strong partnerships with leading technology vendors and public cloud service providers along with our unswerving commitment to keep our staff at the leading edge of technology innovation ensure that we are always prepared to support your organizations technology needs.

Cloud Migration and Support Services

It’s time to simplify your IT infrastructure. You need to focus on your business, not the burden of hosting your own IT systems. Zyedge can help you develop and implement a plan to move your IT systems out of your premises and into our data center private cloud or into a public cloud infrastructure.

Our data center is located in a state-of-the-art facility with redundant power and communications, as well as excellent physical and network security. We can manage and maintain all aspects of your systems, or simply provide a safe and secure home for them in our facility.

We have strong partnerships with leading public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers such as Microsoft and Amazon. Our expert engineers can assess your current IT infrastructure, make recommendations for a cloud migration strategy custom designed for your needs, and carry out a safe and secure migration with little to no downtime. Once we’ve migrated your systems to the cloud, our staff can also handle all your IT system management needs, such as patching and backups, while you focus on your business.

Cloud Backup

Are you still using old-school backup software? Are you still using tapes? It’s time to stop dealing with painful, unreliable technology and move to a solid, enterprise-class cloud backup. Zyedge provides a painless, secure and reliable answer to the problem of rock solid, redundant backup. Our online Cloud Backup service delivers enterprise-class features to provide powerful, highly available and flexible backup services. Your servers can be located virtually anywhere, including at your sites, our data center, your data center or in the cloud. We will back up your data using both compression and deduplication to ensure efficient use of storage and bandwidth while decreasing your recovery times.

Are we sure our backup solution does not require any type of agent or is this only for virtualized environments?

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