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Law Firms & Legal Services

Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege

Efficiency. Security. Always-on. Access-anywhere. These should be the watch words for law firms that are looking to leverage technology to enhance their business.  Adopting cloud-based services is an excellent way for firms to increase productivity and improve communications so that leadership can focus on client services and growth.

Protecting client and firm information from unwanted access is also a huge concern for legal firms. Cloud computing can help alleviate many security problems that firms have by providing an environment in which to secure documents. Zyedge’s security experts can also audit your environment to identify and resolve security issues relating to your IT infrastructure.

Another challenge faced by law firms is the sheer volume of data processed and stored by the firm. Each case potentially generates hundreds, if not thousands, of associated documents and files; but many firms’ infrastructures are not agile enough to keep up with such data growth while maintaining appropriate levels of access. Data management approaches are shaped by the need to meet a variety of technical standards, IT governance frameworks, and compliance laws. And while your competitiveness rests with the ability to provide end-users with constant, uninterrupted service, achieving continuous system uptime is no easy task.

Zyedge can provide the type of IT consistency, reliability and security you require.

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