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Non-Profits & Associations

Efficiency Within Your Budget

Zyedge has over fifteen years of experience in providing quality IT support for associations and non-profits throughout the Washington, DC Metro area. Our staff is well versed in helping non-profits and associations stay agile and within budget.

Non-profits and associations typically manage IT operations under limited funds and resources. Zyedge can help leverage a limited budget for maximum utility. Many organizations have found that virtualization and cloud computing can be an excellent way to lower capex costs while simultaneously increasing security, reliability and flexibility.

Zyedge has a strong track record of serving non-profits and associations and can create a customized, cost-conscious IT solution, regardless of your organization’s size or budget. For many non-profits and associations, cloud computing has been an attractive solution.

To talk to one of our customer service representatives about how we can help your organization, give us a call at 703-860-1111 or email us at